Iran’s Bijani Desert is one of the world’s most inhospitable and dangerous deserts, but if you do manage to find a place to stay in this remote corner of the country, you can’t do much to escape its harsh realities.

The harsh realities are made even worse by the fact that it is one the most remote regions of Iran and there are only about a dozen hotels, and even fewer places to eat, shop or even sleep.

The desert is an almost totally inhospitably hostile environment.

Even the most optimistic Iranians may be forced to resort to resorting to the most primitive means of survival in the region.

That is why it is so important to get to know the people and places of the Biquadani region, and its many diverse cultures.

If you are able to make it to Iran, it is a safe bet that you will find it to be a unique place, with a unique culture and an amazing array of attractions to explore.

For a country with a rich history, it will be worth it to see some of the lesser-known, hidden gems and even some of its hidden treasures.