Cumbria tourism guide company Ferrara is planning to offer more than 1,000 guides in the UK by the end of 2019, bringing the total number of British tour operators to more than 300.

The company has already signed contracts with a number of tourist destinations including the UK National Trust, National Parks, and the Welsh Government.

Ferrara’s chief executive, Rob Thomas, said the move was an example of how the sector can be used for good.

“Our new guide programme will be able to help increase the number of visitors and provide a wider variety of services for both locals and visitors, including the best possible travel information, booking and logistics,” he said.

“The new guide services will be offered across the UK and beyond, and they will be fully available in 2019.”

Ferrars chief executive Rob Thomas said the new guide sector could be used to boost tourism, while introducing a more inclusive and professional environment for the industry.

“We want to ensure that the new service will not only be effective, but also provide an opportunity for the sector to grow,” he added.

“In 2019, Ferrars will offer over 1,500 British tour guides to UK visitors, and in 2020 we will offer 1,700.”

Ferranas chief executive Tim Ritchie said the company was now aiming to offer its services in more than 100 destinations in the United Kingdom.

“At Ferraras we believe that a tour guide service is a wonderful opportunity for businesses to engage with customers, and that they can deliver the best value for money,” he told the BBC.

“This is particularly true when it comes to the UK, where the majority of our businesses are based.”

So we have worked closely with the UK Government to support our growth plans and we have a very clear vision of what we can deliver.

“Mr Ritchie also added that the company would be adding more UK-based guides in 2019.”

I am very excited about this new business opportunity that we are creating for the UK tourism industry,” he noted.”

With the new British tourism guide services we are able to provide a more efficient, more professional and more effective service to the British and foreign tourism communities in the coming years.

“All of these will be part of our growth plan.”

Mr Thomas said Ferraris growth was a result of the continued growth of the sector and its ability to connect people with their local communities.

“As the number one UK guide company for both tourist and non-tourist travel, we want to be a leader in this market for the next five years,” he explained.

“While we are confident that we can continue to grow the service and offer more service, we are looking forward to the future.”