The Astana tour guide industry is on the comeback, with new companies coming in and out of business every few years.

The business model is simple: Get a few travelers to stay in hotels, book them a hotel room, and then collect fees to book additional rooms.

The hotels then book additional travelers.

This is the main model used by the hotel operators to make money off tourists.

There is some concern that Astana’s hotel operators will soon be unable to profit off tourists as they are no longer in the business of providing hotels, as their business model has shifted to tourism.

Astana has been criticized for a lack of transparency in how the hotel and tour guides are managed.

A recent investigation found that hotel managers had not followed the hotel guidelines to ensure that guests received adequate accommodations and food and medical care.

Astana’s tourism manager said in a statement that the new company was not involved in the hotel industry.

The Astana tourism company, known as TAK, is based in the city of Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

It started in 2007 as a hotel and tourist guide company.

It was bought out by the same company in 2013.

The company now operates two hotels in the country: the Astana Hotel and the Tashko Hotel.

Tourism officials said Astana was doing well as long as tourists stayed in hotels.

“I’m not surprised.

I’m sure Astana will continue to prosper in the coming years,” said Yegor Shklovsky, who runs the tourism bureau in the capital, Astana.