Time magazine has published a travel guide to Kerala that lists Mahabalips tourist hotspots across the state.

Mahabalapuram, in Tamil Nadu’s coastal state of Andhra Pradesh, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kerala, according to the book.

The list of Mahabalipturam’s most popular attractions includes the Mahabalis Palaces, where tourists can watch as the palaces are transformed into a theme park; the Mahabalipurm Museum of Ancient Architecture and the Mahalakshmi Gardens, where visitors can take a guided tour of Mahabali Mahalapurm, a temple to the gods; and the Sankarathara Temple, which houses a Buddhist temple.

The tour guide also includes details on the Mahali Mahaswami temple, which was built in 1435, and the Giri Temple, the oldest Hindu temple in Kerala in a period when it was ruled by the Portuguese.

The tourism guide includes a list of some of the city’s attractions including the iconic Mahalipura Market, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Mysore-based Jana Darshan Temple and the Indian Ocean cruise ship Mahabale.