What is best to do in Cyprus is an incredibly subjective matter, and each of us will have our own preferences when it comes to what type of accommodation we would like to visit.

For example, the best places to visit if you are in the country for holiday or business might differ from the best for an overnight stay.

And it’s hard to know what you’re really going to like.

However, it is safe to say that the best things to do if you’re a tourist in Cyprus are probably pretty good.

For many, you won’t find many major sights, although you might find some attractions that are worth a visit, especially if you want to spend a day exploring the islands.

Cyprus is also one of the most popular destinations for Australians who want to see the country and, while it’s not quite as popular as some other European destinations, it’s still one of Cyprus’ most popular.

Here are some of the top destinations to visit on your trip to Cyprus.


The Old Town and The Gardens The Old Towns of Nicosia are home to the ancient and most famous of the Nicosian temples, the Temple of Zeus and the Temple, the Palace of Zeus, and the Great Temple of Athena.

The temples have been in existence for at least 1,000 years and, as you walk through the old town, you’ll be greeted by a mixture of ancient Greek and Byzantine architecture, which includes some of Nicoktas most iconic structures.

The Temple of Dionysus in Nicos, Greece, is the most visited structure in the entire Greek city, with tourists visiting from all over the world to visit it.

The temple also features many other temples in Nicas ancient capital, Acropolis, and at the nearby Acropolis Palace.

The gardens are a must-see as you explore the Old Town, including the Temple and the Acropolis.

The Ancient Theatre of Pergamon is also a must visit for the whole family.

It is a large, well-preserved, theatre that dates back to the 4th century BC.

If you are visiting the island in November, you might also be able to see it during the winter months.

The Acropolis is a beautiful park with a few attractions that range from walking paths to a climbing wall.

There is also the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Acropolis which is a wonderful spot for a private viewing.

You can also get a good view of the city from the Acros Palace.

There are many options for dining and shopping in the Old Towns, and you will find lots of restaurants in the area as well.

There’s a good selection of cafes, and even some tourist shops that you can shop for yourself, such as a famous restaurant in the Acrotas, called the Krakos Restaurant.

If your trip takes you to the mainland, you will be able enjoy a different experience.

The mainland is also an amazing place to explore the country, and there are a number of different tourist hotspots on the mainland.

For instance, if you plan to visit the island of Rhodes, the most important island to the Greek mainland, this is a great choice.

There you will have a beautiful view of Rhodes from Acropolis in the distance.

You’ll also find a good number of restaurants to enjoy a meal at and you’ll find the sea as a fantastic place to relax on a warm sunny day.

There were a number places that are good options for lunch as well as dinner, such a the Rho-Serene restaurant, a popular restaurant in Rhodes.

You will also be very able to enjoy the sights in the capital, Nicos if you decide to visit during the summer months.


The Grand Canal The Grand canal in Nicoros is a popular destination for holiday makers who want the best of the island, especially for tourists.

The canal offers a stunning view of Nicoros, which is the largest island in the Aegean Sea.

The famous Great Wall of Nicobara is also on the island.

There has been a number other attractions that you could visit, such the Ancient Amphitheatre, the Grand Hotel of Nicotra, and a number more.

The Great Amphitheater is the main attraction and is the longest active amphitheatre in the world.

The amphitheater was built during the time of King Diocletian, and has been open since the 16th century.

If it’s a rainy day, it can be a fun way to see Nicos from the island’s southern tip.

You might also enjoy visiting the Grand Casino on the Great Canal, which has a number casinos throughout the island including one that is located in the middle of the canal.

The island has many other attractions including beaches, a museum, and more.


The Palace of the Gods The Palace, built around 3000 BC, is one of Nicias most iconic monuments.

The palace is a