Daytona is known as the capital of the Galicia province.

In Galicia, it is known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant cuisine and its beautiful houses and apartments.

The Galicia city of Palma de Mallorca has been listed as one of the most beautiful places in the world.

This year, the tourism office of Galicia released a list of 10 best places to visit in the province.

The list includes some of the best beaches in Galicia.

This list of beaches has been published by the Galicians tourism office.

Here are 10 of the beaches in Palma.1.

Palma Beach, Palma, Galicia2.

Punta de Lares, Punta del Este, Galician province3.

Galicia Beach, La Marque, Galicians province4.

The Laguna beach, Cancún, Galías province5.

Palm, Paseo de la Muerte, Galicías state6.

La Moneda, Puerto Galicia7.

Palmas Beach, San Antonio, Galics province8.

Palomas beach, San Francisco, Galicans state9.

Palmaros beach, La Paz, Galicas province10.

El Sol beach, Rio de Janeiro, Galica province