In 2016, the International Year of Beach holidays began, and many travellers were keen to get away from the usual, well-worn tourist traps and experience some of the unique, and often breathtaking beaches of this part of Ireland.

The only problem is that you have to buy the tourist brochures online before you even get to Ireland, and most hotels and beaches will charge a few euros to do so.

That’s where the Irish travel guide comes in.

The guide is a guidebook that details the best places to go in the UK and Ireland, with all the information you need to get the most out of your holiday, and make your trip as relaxing as possible.

The guides guidebook is available in both English and Irish, so if you’re keen to make the most of your holidays in the US, then the Irish Travel Guide is definitely the guidebook to follow.


Ireland, Dublin: If you’re visiting Ireland, it’s highly recommended that you book a tour of Ireland, rather than the country as a whole.

While the country’s population is mostly from Europe, the island country also has some interesting cultures and history that can make visiting Ireland a worthwhile experience.

The city of Dublin, known as the capital of Ireland due to the Roman ruins in the city centre, is a modern city that is a mix of old and new, which makes it very appealing to visitors from all over the world.

Dublin is home to a number of iconic landmarks including the Cathedral of Notre Dame, the National Library, the city’s Museum of Fine Arts, the Royal Dublin Military Cemetery and the Dublin Castle.


Dublin, Dublin, Co Wicklow: This island city in Co Wairarapa is the home of the Irish Republic.

It has been an important centre for Irish history for centuries, and has been home to many important and popular towns and villages.

In terms of its beaches, Dublin’s beaches are amongst the best in the world, and are renowned for their stunning scenery, spectacular architecture and the vibrant culture that makes Ireland a great tourist destination.

Dublin has an excellent airport and has a fantastic tram system, so there are plenty of opportunities to visit.


Cork, Cork, County Cork: The city and the surrounding area of Cork have an excellent reputation as a great holiday destination, and the beautiful beaches and forests of the city are among the best beaches in Ireland.

Cork’s coastline is amongst the most beautiful in Europe, and it’s an excellent way to spend a summer day on the water.


Waterford, Waterford: The picturesque city of Waterford has an iconic lighthouse that can be seen from nearly every corner of the island, and you can’t beat the amazing local cuisine.

You can also explore the city, as it has the most unique cultural and historical attractions on the island.


Galway, Galway: This is a very popular holiday destination for tourists in the south of Ireland and its beaches and seaside resorts are among Europe’s best.

You’ll find the best restaurants, bars, pubs and music venues in the country, so the Galway City of Culture is a must for any Irish holiday destination.


Limerick, Limerick: This coastal city in the Irish Sea has an extensive range of bars and clubs, and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ireland due its proximity to the south and south-east of the country.

Limericks beach, Limerins most popular beach is a popular location for boating, sunbathing, sailing and diving.


Louth, Louth: The island of Louth is a beautiful and unique island, with spectacular cliffs, islands, stunning waterfalls and a stunning coastline.

Lúthians beaches are among Ireland’s best, and they offer many great options for sunbathe and boating.


Tipperary, Tipperaries beach: The small island of Tipperays beach is famous for its beautiful beaches, and its small size makes it a perfect place to go swimming or snorkelling.


Offaly, Offaly: Offaly is an island with a long history of Irish and Scottish culture and heritage.

Offalays beaches are often visited by tourists, who will see and hear the local dialect of Gaelic and English.


Sligo, Sligo: Sligo is a coastal town in County Donegal, and was home to the First Regiment of Volunteers, a famous Irish regiment in the First World War.

It was a key part of the defence of Dublin during the siege of the City of London.


Kildare, Kildares beaches: This beautiful island of Kildarrie is the perfect place for a romantic holiday.

Kallagery beach is known as a popular destination for beach and swim, and Kallaganur beach is also a popular spot for snorkelers.


Roscommon, Roscommon beaches: Roscommon has a long, beautiful coastline and