It’s the first time a transgender celebrity has made the transition from male to female, and the first major female star to take the stage to perform her first solo show in the US.

The 31-year-old star of the hit British comedy The Girl on a Train, has become a leading voice for the transgender community and she has been invited to play a role in a national tour of America.

The singer, known as ‘The Pink Lady’, said she was inspired by her mother to get her start in acting, which started when she was 13 years old.

She said: ‘At 13 I realised I wanted to be a performer.

I was a very shy, insecure girl.

I thought I was too young to be acting and I didn’t really get the opportunities that I had hoped for.’

I just started acting as a way of coping with my gender dysphoria, which was then compounded by the fact I was transitioning from male, which is when I began to feel a lot of pressure.’

She continued: ‘Being transgender is a very hard thing to deal with.

You’re always aware that people might think you’re crazy and not believe you, and that makes it harder.’

When I was 17, I finally found a role that I loved.

I felt like it was my voice.’

Transforming my body from male into female was something that was really important to me, because I felt I was really different to the other girls in the cast.’

Being in the show is such an important part of my identity and that is what I want to bring to the stage.’

Transgender celebrities have been a huge part of the entertainment industry since the 1980s, but it was not until last year that Hollywood made the decision to include transgender performers in films.

Since then, there have been several films starring transgender actors including the award-winning film Loving, starring Emma Watson, and this year, a drama about transgender actors starring Eddie Redmayne, Emma Watson and Sophie Turner.

The film, starring transgender actor Lili Taylor, was released last month.

In her new book, Transgender, the former Playboy model and TV presenter said the transgender experience is a ‘real-life story’ that has changed her life and helped her to live a ‘more fulfilling life’.

She told ITV News: ‘There’s so much of this ‘we are different’ talk that goes on in the transgender world.’

The biggest difference is, when I came out to my mum, I knew I was transgender.

And it was really about being able to live my life authentically.’

My mum had been in her own struggles for many years, but I knew what it meant.

It was a real-life lesson in being transgender, so I’ve got the same level of understanding as the rest of the trans community.’

And I think this is what has made me really feel at home in Hollywood.’

I’m very proud of my journey, and I feel I’m really lucky to have made it.’

The transgender star also spoke about the role that transgender people are often played by women.’

If you look at the casting process, a lot are played by cisgender women.

Transgender women are also the main targets in the industry, but this is changing,’ she said.’

They are also getting more roles.

The next big thing is that there’s a growing interest in trans actors.’

A lot of trans people feel that they’ve been neglected by the industry and are asking for more.’

Hopefully, there will be more transgender people who are in the entertainment world.

I feel so lucky to be here and have the opportunity to show what it is to be transgender.’

Transforming her body from female to male is something that is really important in my life, because it’s a really important thing for me, I feel like it’s my voice, it’s not just my name, I’m not just another boy.