The first beer tour in Russia, the Beer Travelers’ Tour, is a trip to the best breweries in the country.

It will take you to more than 20 breweries and breweries from all over the world and includes tastings of craft beer from more than 100 countries.

The Beer Traveler’s Tour is the first ever beer tour to take place in Russia.

There will be plenty of beer for everyone, from the best beer to the worst.

You can check out the BeerTravelers’ Guide to the Top 10 Beer Destinations, as well as the Top 20 Most Bad Beer Destination.

This guidebook is the most comprehensive beer travel guide available anywhere in the world, and is currently being sold on Amazon for $14.99 USD, or $2.98 US.

Beers and food on the list include Russian imperial stout, Russian red, Russian amber, Russian ale, Russian brown, and Russian stout. 

The Beer Traveling Guide is an adventure to explore the best and worst of Russian craft beer, from Russia’s oldest and best breweries, to the craft brewers of Europe and the U.S. The guide also has detailed information on beer styles, recipes, and tasting notes. 

There is an optional book that includes a video tour of some of the breweries in Russia that will take place on the Beer Tour.

The tour will take around 10-15 hours, and will take in a sampling of the best Russian breweries. 

This guidebook will be released in 2018, so stay tuned for a full release in 2019. 

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