You can now ask for a tour guide for all your holiday needs at one go, thanks to Google’s latest update to its Travel Guide app.

The app’s new ‘Split Tour Guide’ feature lets users pick up a tour book, set it up and get on with it without having to look up directions online.

To access the Split Tour Guide, tap the top menu icon and select ‘View Tour Guide’.

From there, users can choose the tour guide they want to use, from a list of 10 or more available options, which are grouped in ‘recommended’ and ‘optional’ sections.

The ‘recommendations’ section of the guide will show you the most recommended tours, including all of the recommended tours for you to choose from, along with detailed information on what you can expect and what you should expect.

If the tour you want to book doesn’t seem to fit into the recommended section, you can always go back and change the recommendations for that tour.

But if you have any questions about how the Split Guide works, Google says you can find it at the top of the app.

You can then ask a tour operator for details of their tours, and when the tour has ended, the app will ask you if you want another one to go.

When asked for the tour book you want, you’ll be asked for a split tour guide, which will show the recommended tour in a different colour.

When you ask for that split tour, Google will take a look at the tour to see if it’s suitable for your trip.

If it’s, the Split Tours app will send the booking details to the tour operator, which then gets to decide whether or not to book the tour.

For example, if you book a trip to the UK and have a ‘split’ itinerary, Google would probably send you a tour that goes on at least half the way to the country, and only half the time.

If you have a split itinerary with a different route to your normal route, then Google may send you the recommended itinerary instead, and you’ll only see the recommended route in the Split Guides app.

If Google is sending the split itineraries to the correct tour operator at the correct time, you won’t be charged a booking fee, but it will make you wait for a full tour.

Once you’ve booked your trip, Google won’t send you an email until the end of your tour, so you’ll have to wait until Google sends the email to let you know.

Google also offers a new ‘travel guide’ option, which lets you send a tour request directly to the operator, rather than wait until the tour is over.

This is the first time Google has made this change.

It’s a little confusing at first, as the split tour will ask for details about the tour it’s sending to the travel agent, but you’ll then be asked to choose whether you want the tour, or the one you already have.

Once that’s done, the split guide will be sent to the booking company.

If your tour doesn’t make it to the end, then you’ll receive a separate email that tells you to contact the tour company and ask for more information about your tour.

This means that if you’re planning to book a holiday to Ireland, or Australia, you might want to send the tour request to the right tour operator first, rather then the split.

But it’s a small change, and it’s not the most important part of the update.

The rest of the changes include:A new ‘Travel Tips’ section on the Split Tips page, which now lists all the tips Google has to offer, and gives them a more relevant title.

This should help travellers who’ve just booked a tour find the right travel guides and tours for their itineraries.

The Split Tips section now also includes the number of days it’s recommended to book your trip and the estimated cost.

The Google Travel Guides app has also been updated to include all the latest travel tips, and new ‘Tip of the Day’ guides to help you find the best deals online.

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