The UK has announced it will withdraw from the European Union, but the island nation remains part of the EU.

Gibraltar’s government has confirmed that Britain will no longer be allowed to stay in the bloc, but has not yet confirmed when that will happen.

The EU, however, has said it will suspend trade, travel and investment ties with the island, as it did with Britain.

How to reach Gibraltar?

It is difficult to travel to Gibraltar, which is situated between Spain and Portugal.

You must have a visa to enter Spain and must apply for one from Spain.

You can visit the territory of Gibraltar from Europe, including Portugal, Greece, Spain, Italy and Ireland, but you must travel by land.

There are a number of ferries that take you to Gibraltar.

Gibraltar is the smallest island in the Mediterranean, with a population of around 1,200.

If you do not have the right visa to travel into Gibraltar, it is advisable to use a ferry to reach the island.

For more information, visit the Gibraltar ferry website.

How long does it take to get from Spain to Gibraltar?

A flight from Madrid to Gibraltar takes around four hours.

The flight is operated by Air Spain, and is the cheapest way to reach Europe.

However, you must buy a ticket to Gibraltar that has a Spanish passport.

To buy a Spanish visa for a tourist, you will need to apply for a visa from Spain, which will cost you about €300 (about £230).

If you buy a visa for an Australian, New Zealand or European passport, the fee will be about €500.

You may also be able to buy a non-Spanish visa at a tourist office, which can cost about €1,000.

When you buy the non-Spain visa, you should note that the Spanish authorities are required to check the visa against a list of countries, and the list of “notorious countries” will also be checked against a blacklist of countries in the EU that are illegal.

There is also an online service that allows you to check whether the visa is valid in each of the European countries that are in the blacklist.

You should also check whether there is an agreement with your country to exchange visas, in which case you may be able for a discount.

For further information, see the official website of the Spanish Embassy in London.

How do I get a car licence?

Driving in Spain is not allowed unless you are accompanied by a Spanish driver.

You will need a Spanish licence, which must be issued by the Spanish government and carry a number, which varies depending on where you are.

You cannot drive on a beach, within 500 metres of any building, or within 500 meters of a street or any other structure.

If your driving is allowed in Spain, you are required by law to wear a Spanish driving licence, but not a foreign driving licence.

You are also not allowed to drive within 500m of a building or to a street, unless you have a Spanish license and a valid foreign driver’s licence.

If an individual drives a motor vehicle, the car must carry a Spanish tag.

The car is subject to inspection by a customs officer, and will then be registered.

If the car does not have a foreign tag, the driver is required to present the Spanish licence to the officer and present the number.

If a Spanish passenger drives a car, they must carry the Spanish tag on the front seat and the number on the passenger seat.

How much does it cost to buy my car licence in Spain?

The average price for a licence is €1.15 per day.

If this is cheaper than buying a car in Spain and you plan to drive for at least two months, you may consider buying a Spanish car licence from a Spanish embassy or consulate.

How can I buy a car insurance policy in Spain from Spain?

Insurance policies can be bought at any of the official Spanish insurance companies.

However the prices vary widely.

If it is cheaper, then it may be worthwhile to visit the Spanish consulate in London or to the Spanish embassy in Madrid.

If there are no official Spanish insurers in your home country, you can purchase a policy online.

The prices are not cheap, but are very affordable.

It is advisable that you get a policy in advance.

There may be a discount, and if you are travelling to the UK, the price may be lower than buying an insurance policy from the UK.

The policy must be purchased from the Spanish insurance company.

How are my car insurance rates in Spain different to in the UK?

The rates for a policy vary greatly depending on the age of the vehicle.

If in the age group of 16 to 24, the rates are between €2,500 and €5,000, but if the age is greater than 24, then rates can be much higher.

There also may be discounts available for older drivers, as well as for children aged under 12.

If paying the premium is more of a priority, the policy should be bought from a company that offers a similar policy