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Why do we love Penzance?

Penzances are a quirky and magical place.The name comes from the name of a popular tourist guide book, Penzanthena.Visitors often come for the quirky views of the island, but also
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Where to find budva tourists guide

MONDAY, JANUARY 3, 2020–It’s the perfect time to visit a Buddhist temple in Thailand, as the country gears up to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its independence. Buddhist temples have been
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Why we love Albania

We love Albania because it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world.The mountains are stunning, the coastline is gorgeous, and you can easily get to and from many cities in the region.It’s a lovely country, with the world’s tallest mountain, a beautiful coastline, and a gorgeous weather.In fact, Albania has
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Surfing in the Indian Ocean – How to surf on the ocean, the land, the sea

By David Breen and Tom GormanThe world’s biggest and most popular surfing holiday, Surfing Paradise, has been cancelled for the summer, amid warnings from the International Board of Marine Fisheries that the surge in shark attacks in the Arabian Gulf and Indo-Pacific is posing a significant risk to the tourism industry.The International
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The world’s biggest beer tour guide

The first beer tour in Russia, the Beer Travelers’ Tour, is a trip to the best breweries in the country.It will take you to more than 20 breweries and breweries
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